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Friday, October 19, 2012  

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Top 10 Ways To Stay Confident During A Job Search - (www.careerbuilder.com)  

1. Structure your day.
Sleeping late, surfing channels in your pajamas, grazing at the fridge, doing crossword puzzles and otherwise “taking it easy” will neither help you find a job nor bolster your confidence once you realize how much time you’re spending in NOT being productive. Finding a job is real work. Set up a schedule for yourself on week days and then follow it.

2. Keep up with your industry.
Staying on top of what’s going on in your field helps you feel connected to the work world and let’s you know that you won’t be caught short in upcoming interviews when asked about some latest industry challenge, product, service or trend.

3. Know your strengths.
Not sure what they are? Ask yourself questions like “What do people come to me for?”, “Why do people seek me out?” Get a copy of NOW DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS (Buckingham & Clifton), take the on-line 20-minute self-assessment and you’ll have a whole new perspective on your gifts and talents.

4. Listen to motivational CDs while you’re driving.
What better time to keep yourself “up” as you listen to ideas from the pros about how to market yourself, how to come across positively, how to interview, etc.

5. Hang out with optimistic, positive people.
The doom-and-gloomers are no help to you and can bring you down fast (even if they are well-meaning relatives).

6. Do some volunteer work.
Not only will you have opportunity for new networking contacts, but you’ll have something to talk about besides your job search. And helping someone else creates a good feeling in your soul that’s hard to take away.

7. Limit your listening to “The News” on radio and television.
You want to stay informed about the world, but most news stories are about tragedies, inequities, ethical violations, crimes, violence and other “downer” issues. Catch up—but move on.

8. Start a self-improvement project.
Whether it’s getting fit, building something, learning a new skill or finishing some project you abandoned, achievement is downright motivating.

9. Nurture moi`.
If it’s not going to get you arrested or bankrupt, do something fun…something that makes you feel good. Maybe it is reading mysteries, fiddling with plants, playing with your dog, getting a massage…you get the idea. You’re going through a difficult, frustrating time and deserve a little delicious self-care.

10. Pursue your spiritual path.
Who couldn’t use a little extra energy put toward whatever it is that makes you feel connected to something larger than yourself? Whether it’s time spent in spiritual reading, meditation, prayer or communing with Mother Nature, you now have the time to pay more attention to those activities that restore and nurture your Spirit.