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Dr. Craig is an experienced national keynote and workshop presenter and will be happy to customize a presentation for your organization and/or facilitate your retreat.


Powerful Communication “What’s Your Communication Style?”
Most “personality conflicts” are actually communication STYLE differences. Learn the four basic communication styles and how to tweak you own to have better rapport with those who have a different style.

Coaching Skills for Managers “The Coach Approach.”
Get more buy-in from your employees by learning how to coach them rather than just telling them what to do.

Performance Appraisals “The Top 10 Performance Appraisal Mistakes!”
By learning what NOT to do, what TO do becomes more obvious.

Resolving Conflicts “Difficult Conversations.”
Discover how to resolve individual and group disagreements, how to give negative feedback, and how not to come across as defensive when you are confronted.

Stress Management “Stressbusting!”
Assess your own stress level and then learn both the psychological and physical approaches to alleviate it.

Marketing “Making Rain Instead of Mist.”
Understand a variety of processes that will take your professional practice, business or company to increased profitability.

Staffing Issues “Getting—and Keeping—the Best Employees.”
Create strategies for hiring, acknowledging, and rewarding your employees to increase company morale.

Strategic Planning “Not Your Usual SWOT Analysis!”
Find out what your employees REALLY think about your company or business. And then design specific, practical action items to eliminate the weak spots.

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