"Coaching executives, business owners, managers
and professionals to lead and succeed."
There are Powerful Coaching Benefits for Business and Individuals

Provides a collaborative model of management.
Upgrades communication skills.
Enhances customer relations and marketing.
Develops accountability.
Attracts and retains the best talent.
Improves morale.
Develops leadership skills.
Maximizes training dollars.
Raises profitability.
Allows “real-time” learning.


"Shedding Light
Blind Spots"
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Judi Craig, Ph.D., and MCC (Master Certified Coach) established COACH SQUARED in 1966 to coach executives, managers, business owners, and professionals to achieve their next level of success and profitability. She promotes discovery by asking provocative questions, provides an objective sounding board, stretches her clients by making requests, shares her perceptions with honesty, and provides encouragement and accountability for the achievement of measurable results. Her coaching style fuses coaching and consulting and is upbeat and practical.

Judi Craig, Ph.D. latest book is now available:

"There Is More to Business Than Marketing and Sales"

Dr. Craig is also a clinical psychologist who has had her own successful private clinical practice for over 30 years. A frequent guest on national radio and television, she has been interviewed on over 100 radio stations and has been a guest on Larry King Live, The Today Show, NBC News, CBS News, Geraldo and other nationally-televised programs. A dynamic keynote speaker, she has addressed audiences as diverse as the executives of CBS Television to the rescue and service workers of the Oklahoma City bombing and currently gives presentations and retreats on a variety of coaching-related business topics.

Judi Craig, Ph.D., MCC   13620 NW Military Hwy., Ste. 202-2   San Antonio, TX  78231.   210-824-3391

Email: jcraig@coachsquared.com